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A Closer Look at Patrick Lloyd

Patrick Lloyd is the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Browning Reed. Lloyd founded Browning Reed after spending sixteen years in the United States Army Special Forces. During his time overseas, Lloyd made valuable contacts within the international arms dealing world and private security industries.

In 2000, Lloyd’s father sold his interest in his private equities sharing company. Lloyd took the money from his inheritance and put it into launching Browning Reed. After the tragedy of 9-11, Browning Reed was awarded two billion in government contracts. Browning Reed became the premiere security company for the United States in Iraq. The President considered Browning Reed crucial to most of the successful missions. Lloyd was featured in Republic Nation as the Patriot of the Year for his contributions to the war.

Lloyd being a veteran himself considers veteran’s causes of the utmost importance. All employees of Browning Reed are former military members. Not only that but Lloyd personally gives them all loans to help them get back on their feet. With a strong conservative background, Lloyd is Director of the Conservative International Advisory Board, an organization dedicated to spreading conservative values around the world. Lloyd sits on numerous other boards and devotes a vast amount of his time to his many charities. For the past seven years, Billions magazine has put Lloyd as the “50 Most Powerful Men In Business” list.